Why I Love This Man?

I can’t stop my tears free falling down on my face. That’s why I’ll stop that with my broken heart.
                  I know him since i was 13 years old. I still remember what i got, that’s love. I remember what he did, what he said, what he got. The story begin in high school, not a romantic one but a sad one. Yes, read this till to end, I’ll start it right now to tell.
                   Today is my first day in high school and i’m a little afraid because i’m different from the others. I sit in second roll of the class but then later three friends join to sit with me. He sit in the last roll. I don’t notice him but when i turn around, i’m really really fall in love just in first sight. I want to know more about him. I ask my friends, the great one is one of my friend know about him because they’re friend. I never expect like that but she tells me everything about him. The bad one is he has a girlfriend. I don’t care, the only thing i want is to love him like a mad. So i stay quietly pretending i don’t like him. But one day he speaks with me because he wants to know about in history. I’m so surprise and i ask him why me? Yes, he gives answer because he wants to be friend with me. How to say, at that moment i can’t breathe until he call me. Yes, we became friends upon on one conversation.
                      Time flew away, birds stop singing for a little while, we became know each other but he doesn’t know that i love him. But his girlfriend knows. Now we are 14 years old students. This year gives me a lot of trouble concern with love. His girlfriend tells me not to be friend with him. I remembered what she did. She push me on the stairs like an accident. But i’m lucky. I just hurt left leg. Being through these unlucky ones, a destiny begins with him and me. He will move to another school. Oh my god! I can’t accept it when he tells me like that. I want to tell him how much i love him but… but now he’ll leave. Now…
                      I remember him for 2years. After school is over, i’m 16 and i’m free now. But i’m like a crazy because i want to see him. Yes, God loves me, show me the way that i can meet him. I saw him in shopping center when i hit him. We were so surprise when we see each other. He hugged me like a girlfriend suddenly. He remembered me, i’m happy. Okay, let’s short my story.
                         He told me that he was free now because he cut out his girlfriend. She was cheating on him. But a miracle story is alive. He said me i love you. How can i say, i was in seventh heaven. Yes, i said like that. Okay we’ve been a couple for 1 year but you can’t imagine that. His love is a fake one. He pretended that he loved me so much because he wanted his ex-girlfriend again. When he got back, he threw me away like a paper that has been used.
                   So tell me why i still love him. Why i can’t hate him until now? Why i still miss him like a mad? Actually, i’m really alive dying in love.